Donor Sperm and Egg Treatment

For single women and some couples, the use donor eggs or donor sperm offers the best or the only way forward, for one or more reasons.

The use of donor treatment brings with it a unique set of questions and emotional impacts.  We understand this, and along with specialist counselling, wish to offer a supportive environment in which you can explore all the issues around your decision to undertake donor treatment.

Donor Sperm Treatment

The use of donor sperm is usually combined with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).  The donor sperm, having been previously treated and prepared, is transferred directly into the uterus using a soft catheter allowing the sperm to be nearer to the egg(s) for a greater chance of fertilisation and pregnancy.

Donor sperm treatment can be combined with IVF if there is a clinical need.

Donor Egg Treatment

Some women are asked to explore the use of donated eggs if they are not producing their own eggs, have a genetic disorder that they do not wish to pass on, have suffered premature menopause or have low egg quality. Donor egg treatment is combined with an IVF or ICSI cycle.

The eggs will be retrieved from the donor following an IVF pathway and egg collection.  The recipient couple will then combine their sperm with the donated eggs either by IVF or ICSI, depending on the quality of the sperm.  The resulting embryos will then be transferred into the recipient following medication to prepare the uterus to receive the embryos.

You may choose to receive the eggs of an anonymous donor or you may wish to use someone you know. The latter is called known donation and is supported with additional counselling for both you and your known donor.