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Bristol Fertility Clinic
Spire Bristol Hospital – The Glen
Redland Hill



Wendy Martin

Specialist Fertility Counsellor : Emotional and Psychological Care & Support



  • When can I be seen?

    The simple answer is as soon as possible, if this is what you want.
    Couples have different preferences as to how they would like to begin their journey. You may wish to come in straight away for a consultation and organise the required tests as you go along, or you may prefer to have some or all of the tests done before the consultation.  This is entirely up to you how you wish to pace your care and Mrs Gordon is happy to accommodate your preferences.

    It would be helpful and Mrs Gordon would recommend a referral from your GP, but this again is not always necessary.

    In many instances, your GP may have already completed some or all of the blood tests including a primary semen analysis. Please obtain a copy of these and bring them in for the Consultation. Alternatively these tests can be undertaken privately here at the Spire Bristol Hospital.

  • What can I expect at the first consultation?

    You will have an hour long initial consultation as it will involve full medical history including life style, examination, discussion of any test results, individual prognosis in your case and management options available to you. It is important that we understand all the factors that may be affecting you so that we can formulate an effective treatment plan.

    You will be asked questions on the following topics:

      • How long you have been trying to get pregnant
      • Menstrual History
      • Medical History
      • Sexual History
      • Family History
      • Lifestyle factors, including intake of caffeine, alcohol, smoking and your weight/BMI
      • Any medications and allergies


    We will then review all the blood tests that you have brought along with you and any semen analysis results, if appropriate.  We will also perform a pelvic ultrasound scan within the consultation room to get a clearer understanding of the function of your uterus and ovaries.

    We can discuss any questions you may have and plan the next steps forward that are right for you.

  • Do I need to have all my blood tests before I can see the consultant?

    The simple answer is no. In many instances, there is a lot to discuss at the initial consultation, with your particular history, life style factors and ultrasound scan assessment. The chances of natural conception are discussed in your particular situation and any problems identified. Mrs Gordon will then outline the various tests that are required. Your GP may be happy to help you here or the tests can be undertaken at Spire Bristol Hospital for a charge.