Covid-19 Update

COVID -19 Some of your questions answered

Following on from telephone conversations with the majority of Bristol Fertility Clinic patients, Mrs Gordon would like to remind you that lines of communication remain open and you can call Bristol Fertility clinic 0117 370 8508 or e-mail

What is happening following the removal of the fertility ban?

Both British Fertility Society and HFEA have informed members and fertility clinics that we can now look towards restarting fertility treatments. This is excellent news for all.

We can now confirm that we are able to start seeing patients for scans and blood tests at Spire Bristol Hospital from the 1st week of June. Patient and staff safety remains a priority. 

In terms of Assisted Reproduction Treatments such as IVF, ICSI, FET, IUI as well as Semen Analysis, the labs are continuing to validate and calibrate the equipment, along with all other processes that need to be put in place. We hope for this to be completed by the first week of June.

Is Bristol Fertility Clinic still going to see new patients?

Bristol Fertility Clinic are committed to keeping patients safe and informed.  Therefore, we will be conducting New Patient consultations via video conferencing or over the telephone.  Face to face appointments are presently postponed until it is considered safe to re-open clinics. But please continue to contact the clinic to arrange a New Appointment.

When can I resume or start treatment with Institute Bernabeu in Alicante, Spain?

Presently the Spanish Government is requesting a minimum of 14 days quarantine for international citizens arriving in Spain.  We at BFC have been informed that this government request will expire around the middle of June.  However, unfortunately, there remains no fixed date and this is still under discussion. Issues related to travel, including hotels and flights, will also have an indirect bearing on when treatment services can be resumed.

Due to Covid-19 can we still see Dr Gordon or a Nurse for scan appointments, I am due to start Letrozole medication?

If you have been prescribed Letrozole or Clomiphene medication and it is your first cycle and you have not had an ultrasound scan to check it’s effectiveness, then we would stress the importance of not starting this medication. 

Scans and blood tests are being organised with Spire Bristol Hospital and you will hear from us over the next two weeks regarding the dates and times of these appointments.

Our medication is in the fridge can we still use it after Covid-19?

The medication you have stored in your fridge should be suitable to use once we can safely start your treatment cycle.  Most of the medication has a long shelf life. Please store your medication as per the instructions on the packages.  

My partner and I have had all our requested blood tests done with our GP will they need to be repeated?

Some of the blood tests you may have had done with your GP may be out of date by the time you are able to continue with your treatment cycle, this will be discussed  further with you both once we know when treatment cycles can commence.

How will we know that we can start our treatment again, as we were cancelled?

Mrs Gordon and her specialist team at Bristol Fertility Clinic have a record of all the patients who sadly had cycles cancelled/postponed at this difficult time.  Once we know that it is safe to treat you, without putting you at risk of Covid-19, we will be contacting you to restart cycles and book face to face appointments.

I have frozen donor sperm and embryos at the License centre. Are my samples going to be safe, if staff are not working?

License centres are committed to ensuring that their laboratories are monitored 24/7 with qualified embryologists. Be assured that your embryos and frozen sperm will be monitored and kept safe.

We have had a positive pregnancy test. What happens if I get Covid-19?

If you have had a positive pregnancy test, Please call the Bristol Fertility Clinic on 0117 370 8508.  The current advise for pregnant women is that there is no increased risk of miscarriages or congenital abnormalities. The Government has advised self-isolation for 12 weeks which is seen as a precautionary measure.  We would advise you to keep updated regarding safety in pregnancy and the guidance issued by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) website for further advise.

Are you still doing semen Analysis testing?

The laboratory team, which hopes to be fully validated and functional by the first week of June. We hope to start arranging semen analysis appointments by second week of June.

Are you still doing blood tests?

Blood tests will organised at the Spire Hospital at the same time as your appointments to reduce the number of times you need to access the premises.

How can I obtain repeat prescriptions in this period?

Your first port of call for a repeat prescription will be with your GP for continuing medications such as Thyroxine or Metformin. Please give the GP surgery adequate notice, currently some surgeries are requesting 7 working days.

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