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Explore Cheaper & Less Invasive general Fertility interventions than IVF, ICSI and IUI

Explore Cheaper & Less Invasive general Fertility interventions than IVF, ICSI and IUI

Bristol Fertility Clinic is one of the few fertility clinics that offers general fertility interventions before exploring surgical options. These are not only cheaper and less invasive, but they may be all you need to conceive naturally.

1. Fertility Medications


Some specific medical problems will benefit from fertility medications.

The most common problem is when a prospective mother is unable to release an egg, or has irregular menstrual cycles. Mrs. Gordon can prescribe oral tablets that help release the egg, which may be all you need to achieve a pregnancy! Sometimes this requires daily injections.

At Bristol Fertility Clinic, you can be certain that the most evidence-based medication will be used to optimise your general fertility. Mrs. Gordon is very careful to pay attention to recent and upcoming research, and modify her treatments accordingly.

Mrs. Gordon’s holistic approach and thorough fertility assessment also identify areas where your general health can be optimised. Sometimes vitamins, supplements and medications may be required. Although these are not classified as ‘fertility medications’, they will help you maximise your chances of conceiving a successful, natural pregnancy.

2. Tubal Flushing (HyCoSy)

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HyCoSy involves performing an ultrasound scan whilst flushing the tubes with saline and then a safe dye. This procedure is comparable to the hysterosalpingogram (HSG), which uses x-rays instead. Patients often remark that a HyCoSy is less painful than a HSG.

Tubal flushing can serve both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The test checks whether the prospective mother’s tubes are open. It has also been shown to increase chances of natural conception in the following few months. Many of our patients have become pregnant afterwards.

What Next?

General Fertility interventions are not always clinically appropriate. If they are not appropriate for you, or if they have not helped you to conceive so far, you may require one of our Advanced Treatments.

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