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Sai Children Breakfast Project

The United Nations states that India continues to have one of the world’s highest undernutrition rates in children. Chronic malnutrition affects almost 47 million children in India today. In other words, four out of ten children are not meeting their full potential because they are not getting enough nutritious food. This has significant consequences including increased risks of long-term disease, diminished capacity to learn (which then impacts school performance) and eventually reduced productivity in adult life.

Our belief is that no child should start the school day hungry. This is why Bristol Fertility Clinic supports a Children’s Breakfast Project. Every Thursday morning, we provide a warm breakfast for all 640 children attending the Saigeetha school in a village called Puttaparthi in South India. This institution was selected because it teaches some of the poorest children in the area who are also most at risk of suffering from chronic undernutrition.

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 Sai Fertility, India

The social challenges and emotional distress caused by infertility can be felt throughout the world. For many, fertility treatment is out of reach either due to its costs or a lack of availability. It is for this reason that we have set up Sai Fertility India – so we can help those who have nowhere else to turn. We hope our involvement and support will make a massive difference to those we meet, enriching their lives and their families in the process.

In India, there is immense social pressure to have children. When a couple has difficulty conceiving, it is often the woman who bears the consequences. She may be rejected, treated as an inferior member of the community, or may even suffer abuse as a result. As Mrs. Gordon grew up in India and obtained her medical degree there, she has seen this first-hand and is passionate about doing something to help.

At the start of 2020, Mrs. Gordon was leading regular Sai Fertility medical camps near Bangalore, India. This is where a team of local doctors and members of Bristol Fertility Clinic came together to offer fertility advice and treatment free-of-charge to members of the community who wanted help. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic may have restricted our movements, it has not restricted us from providing this service. Mrs. Gordon continues to hold regular online clinics for these patients on Saturdays.

We believe our involvement and support will make a massive difference to those we meet, enriching their lives and their families in the process.

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Getting Involved

If you would like to join us in supporting our charities, please follow the links below to donate here. No matter the size, every donation is gratefully received.

We thank you for your help and compassion.


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