Fertility checks for men and women

For many men and women, knowing their fertility potential is very valuable, even if they are not in a current relationship. This can be undertaken with an initial semen analysis for the male.

First Steps Fertility Investigations

cThis includes a 30 min consultation with Mrs Gordon, Semen Analysis, Scan, AMH & Chlamydia blood test

This is a 30 minute consultation and costs £375.00 Make an enquiry

Fertility consultations for couples

cThis will involve a one hour consultation with you as a couple, with full history taken from both. A detailed scan will be undertaken to assess uterine and ovarian function, along with review of any semen analysis report organised through GP or Spire Bristol.

Many couples request an immediate consultation without any blood tests or semen analysis, for initial discussion of their particular situation and lifestyle factors. Following history, assessment and scan, Mrs Gordon will guide you through the various tests required including semen analysis, if not undertaken before.

Your chances of natural conception will be discussed along with any lifestyle changes required. A review consultation maybe necessary if a problem is identified or you require additional testing before an appropriate treatment plan can be put forward in your situation.

Make an enquiry1 hour consultation – £210.00
Scan – £180

Fertility tests for men

Semen analysis

aIf you wish to have a semen analysis organised through Spire Bristol, please complete our request form.

You will be sent a semen analysis pack in the post along with instructions on when and how to produce your sample, it is important that you read these instructions carefully as they have important information on abstinence periods prior to testing.  The Spire Hospital Bristol is able to take your sample by appointment on Monday 10am to 4pm, and Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

Following analysis, you will receive your report in the post. This report will also contain a clinical interpretation of the result and appropriate advice.

Price for semen analysis: £132.00 Request a semen analysis pack


Fertility tests for women

For women, it depends on what level of detail you wish to have and to what purpose.

To this end Mrs Gordon has devised two separate levels of checks for you or you can choose to have a consultation.

1. Antral Follicle Count (Egg or Ovarian reserve testing)

You may simply wish to know how many eggs you have left in your ovaries and Mrs Gordon would undertake an ovarian reserve test called an Antral Follicle Count. A transvaginal ultrasound scan is used to count the number of small egg sacs (antral follicles) in your ovaries. A normal total count is over 15 and below 4 would indicate a very poor ovarian reserve.

This is a 30 minute appointment and costs £180.00 Make an enquiry

2. Egg & Tubal testing

In addition to your ovarian reserve testing, you may wish to have your tubes assessed, to reassure yourself regarding natural conception. The preliminary initial test for this is a simple blood test for Chlamydia antibodies, which can be undertaken at your GP prior to your appointment or can be organised at Spire Bristol (see link below). You will need to bring the result to the appointment. Based on this result and detailed history from you, Mrs Gordon will advise you further regarding the most appropriate tubal test required in your situation, an x-ray dye test or a laparoscopy.

If you have failed to conceive after 2 years of trying or you are over 35 years of age, you may wish to have a detailed fertility consultation.

Chlamydia serology blood test is £55.00 Make an enquiry

The tubal assessment can take up to 45 minutes and costs from £320.00 Make an enquiry

3. Detailed fertility consultation

This will involve a one hour consultation with you, along with a detailed scan to assess your uterine and ovarian function. Mrs Gordon will then advise you on the appropriate blood tests that need to be undertaken, including the need for tubal testing. This will be based on your history, scan assessment and chances of natural conception. Your GP may be happy to undertake the various blood tests for you or they can be arranged at the Spire Bristol.

If you have already had some preliminary blood tests for fertility with your GP, please make sure you bring the reports to the consultation. A review consultation maybe necessary if a problem is identified or you require additional testing before an appropriate treatment plan can be put forward in your situation.

Make an enquiry1 hour consultation – £210.00
Scan – £180